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Through Border Crossings, COVID-19 Infiltrates North Syria 

On July 19, Idlib Health Directorate recorded the first COVID-19 positive case in the province, northwest Syria. As it broke the news, an unprecedented fear gripped about four million civilians in Idlib and the northern and western suburbs of Aleppo. This enclave, on the Turkish border strip, incubates some two million displaced people in camps, while hundreds of thousands of civilians continue to be jammed in the cities and towns north of Syria.

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Sleeping in the Open Air, or in a Barn: Syrian Refugees Left Homeless in Lebanon 

In this investigation, Syrians tell their stories, how they fled death and sought refuge in Lebanon fearing the Assad regime’s oppression, how they were arrested and their towns destroyed over their heads. They also recount the story of their eviction from the camp, not mentioning the landlord’s name, scared of persecution or harm as they continue to live in the town.

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Syria: Those with Special Needs Facing COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic has cast its dark shadow on Mariam Hammado’s life, a Syrian woman who is extremely concerned that one of her four siblings might get infected with the virus. All of her siblings suffer from a mental disability, which causes them to be unable to figure out what’s going on.

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