Work with SIRAJ

SIRAJ, committed to professional standards, works on instilling investigative trends and methodologies in all aspects of journalism addressing the Syrian dilemma inside the country and abroad. Journalists in SIRAJ aspire to effect a positive transformation within the Syrian society over the course of the current phase; the transitional one, which is to pave the path for democracy; and that is to follow, once the war has come to an end. SIRAJ will be a tool for bringing truth to light and revealing contradictions to contribute to a shift in favour of all Syrians.

As a part of its action mechanisms and production process, SIRAJ offers Syrian journalists a wide range of services. With these, it aims to help journalists accomplish in-depth investigations that are hinged on a proper methodology; once they have come up with a solid hypothesis that draws on conclusions reached through preliminary research efforts. It provides:

  1.   Costs of transportation, accommodation, or other undertakings necessary to interview sources, or conduct field visits.
  2.   Editorial or research-related consultations throughout the preliminary research phase.
  3.   Fees of services provided by supervisors, who direct the investigations’ production process.
  4.   Fees of services provided by the literary lawyer, who subjects the investigation to a legal evaluation and ensures it contains no violations before it is published.
  5.   Translation of the produced investigations into English.
  6.   Publishing the investigations in media outlets or newspapers, as well as on SIRAJ’s platform—SIRAJSY.NET



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