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“Temporary wife”

Ihab Zaidan-Cairo: Suddenly, the Syrian girl Reem (36 years ) found herself alone in Egyptian Aswan governorate ‘streets , without any shelter or breadwinner ,after her Egyptian husband Mohammad gave up of her and denying/disavowal of her rights as a result of their “the Arfi /customary/informal “ marriage, which is …

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Habib Shehada-Damascus: Asharq Alawsaat – After his release from a Syrian detention center in mid-2016, secondary school teacher Saleh, 56, expected to return to the job he’d held for 22 years before being arrested. He was not allowed nor could he look for another similar job. Saleh obtained a judicial ruling …

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“Deaths Under State Custody”

University students, engineers, activists, clerics, etc. died inside Syrian jails Deaths during detention violating article 35 of the Syrian Constitution adopted in 2012, “what lies behind leaking names of deceased prisoners?”, Analysts and humanrights activists answer Damascus – Istanbul:  It was deeply shocking for Zeina,30, to read ‘dead’ next to …

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“The Deadly Scalpel”

Medical mistakes kill the patients - Syria

Marwa Al- jurdy, Ahmad Haj Hamdo- Damascus:  Tasnim has entered Damascus hospital ” Almojtahed ” at the end of last August for a routine reviewing, because she has Asthma, with a shy smile the young girl had sat on the bed, then the nurse gave her a “Needle” and immediately …

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“Looming death in Ghouta”

Dar al-Rahma Center providescancertreatment- SIRAJ

  By Ali Alibrahim and Ahmed Haj Hamdo Published on Daraj Media  wiping away his tears of grief, Mohammed, a doctor in his forties at Dar al-Rahma Medical Center in the Eastern Ghouta area of rural Damascus, gathers the leftovermedicines from his desk inside a small bag.The doctor said: “The …

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“Poison in the air”

Alkamshle city - Syria (siraj)

  Mohammad Bassiki – Akhten Asaad: ALhayat newspaper In the road which lead to ALWAKALAT street in middle of commercial market in ALQAMSHLY city (north ,east Syria ) on the right of the road there is an huge electrical generator , working by diesel (MAZOUT) yellow color, the sound of …

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Body Spare Parts for Sale

Damascus,Nov 29,2015. By Ziad Omar and Ahmed Abdallah Alhayat– Beyond the known suffering of Syrians who are living under fire or migrating through rough seas in rundown boats, another more brutal and dangerous world exists, that of a black market in organ trafficking leading to a worst fate. This report …

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Amid war and conscription, Damascus now a city without men

DAMASCUS, Syria – Ahmed Haj Hamdo and Mohammad Bassiki – Walking through the streets of Damascus in the middle of the ongoing civil war, you see very few men. There are boys, teenagers and the elderly, but except for those in military uniform, one rarely sees men between the ages of …

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