SIRAJ is an abbreviation for Syrian Investigative Reporting for Accountability Journalism, a Syrian investigative journalism group with the mission of training Syria journalists on the methodologies of investigative journalism, producing reports and investigates reports (both print and video) on Syria both in and outside of the country by .Syrian reporters who receive support and funding from SIRAJ. SIRAJ will address the Syrian journalists who want to produce such investigative reports, which cover the Syrian affairs, and the journalists will undergo a training on the basis of investigative journalism, and then get engaged in completing their reports for SIRAJ.

Our Vision

SIRAJ seeks to enhance the culture of investigation and introduce this journalistic genre to the Syrian audience, by implementing investigative journalism as a tool to pursue transparency, democracy and away from favoritism or bias. We aim to empower audience, private and public media to monitor the performance of the executive authorities in all fields

Our Goals

SIRAJ aims at producing media investigative content with the highest professional standards to support transparency and anti-corruption locally and internationally through presenting investigative pieces that will uncover the shortcomings, the involved parties. We seek to document violations perpetuated by different parties to restrict exploitation, create influence and improve life quality.