About Us

SIRAJ is an abbreviation for Syrian Investigative Reporting for Accountability Journalism, a Syrian investigative journalism group with the mission of training Syria journalists on the methodologies of investigative journalism, producing reports and investigates reports (both print and video) on Syria both in and outside of the country by .Syrian reporters who receive support and funding from SIRAJ. SIRAJ will address the Syrian journalists who want to produce such investigative reports, which cover the Syrian affairs, and the journalists will undergo a training on the basis of investigative journalism, and then get engaged in completing their reports for SIRAJ.

Our Vision

SIRAJ seeks to enhance the culture of investigation and introduce this journalistic genre to the Syrian audience, by implementing investigative journalism as a tool to pursue transparency, democracy and away from favoritism or bias. We aim to empower audience, private and public media to monitor the performance of the executive authorities in all fields


Our Mission

SIRAJ aims at producing media investigative content with the highest professional standards to support transparency and anti-corruption locally and internationally through presenting investigative pieces that will uncover the shortcomings, the involved parties. We seek to document violations perpetuated by different parties to restrict exploitation, create influence and improve life quality.

Our Goals

  • Conducting print and video investigative reports by the SIRAJ journalists both inside and outside of Syria.
  • Through supporting its investigative journalists, SIRAJ seeks to spread the culture of accountability and responsibility that would supply the civil society with documented and researched facts during the critical phase experienced by the country. Such researches would reveal the essence of problems from multiple sources so that it would be a regulatory tool that can help various community entities to make positive change and difference with a transparent, impartial and unbiased style.
  • To produce such investigative reports with high professional quality and help to clarify the Syrian scene in general and help Syrians think and make decision during the current stage.
  • To make SIRAJ high-level professional reference for Syrian journalists, civil society organizations and decision makers seeking accurate information which will help them to take a decision that reduces corruption and enhances transparency.
  • Introducing the investigative journalism approach to the Syrian media institutions of various types through continuous training workshops on investigative journalism basics targeting new journalists and enhance them to produce investigative reports of high value.
  • To bring about change on the ground and to contribute to the improvement of people’s lives for the better by helping stakeholders on decision-making and help victims through delivering their suffering and revealing the corrupt ones.
  • SIRAJ contributes in investigative documentaries making. SIRAJ’s role then is to look for information and check facts. we have already participated in two investigative films, the first one is “The Last Men in Aleppo” by Firas Fayyad, the second one is “One Day in Aleppo” by Ali ALibrahim. both films won international awards in the United States and UK.

Our Principles

  • Abide by the rules of professional ethics of journalism and promote transparency and the role of journalists as a Fourth Estate.
  • Abide by impartiality and objectivity and giving all parties equal opportunities.
  • Credibility and seeking to win the Syrian public trust – Keeping away from political bias, factionalism and lineups whatsoever.
  • Stand at the same distance from all parties and give them the space to defend themselves and to highlight their opinions.
  •  Abide by credibility of the work to the public and to show responsibility, and work to increase the level of awareness and constructive criticism.

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